Mini Property Tag Holder


The Mini Property Tag Holder is a compact solution to display property tags on equipment, indicating its status, inspection details, and maintenance updates.

  • Compact, durable design.
  • “Do not use this equipment” warning for clear communication.
  • Ideal for a range of small equipment.

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Product Description

The Mini Property Tag Holder is a compact and practical solution for displaying property tags on equipment. It is designed to securely hold and protect the property tag, which contains essential information about the equipment’s status, inspection, and maintenance details. The holder has a clear message that is visible when the insert is removed, cautioning others not to use the equipment during maintenance, testing, or in case of any faults.

  • Compact and durable holder for property tags.
  • Safely secures and protects the property tag.
  • Clearly communicates the status of the equipment when the insert is removed.
  • Message on the holder reads ‘Do not use this equipment’ to ensure safety during maintenance or faults.
  • Suitable for various types of small equipment and machinery.