Mini De-Electric Lockout Padlock – 30 mm Nylon Shackle – Key Different + Master Key


Engineered for space and weight restricted lockout applications, the ES-M-DEL-KD+M offers robust safety in a compact design, and the added convenience of a master key. Its non-conductive nylon shackle is perfect for electrical panels and switches.

  • Reinforced ABS body that’s non-sparking and ideal for electrical applications.
  • Includes a master key that can open all padlocks in a set.
  • Key retention feature ensures padlock is locked before key release.

100000 in stock

Product Description

  • The ABS body is carved / designed with ribs for easy gripping and handling.
  • Reinforced ABS body is non-conductive, non-sparking and resistant to chemicals and corrosion.
  • Black Nylon Shackle padlocks are ideal for their use on Electrical Panels / switches etc
  • One Lock, One Key concept. Each lock is supplied with 1 key.
  • Supplied with an individual unique coded key & 6 pin brass cylinder.
  • Key Retention Feature – The jack locking key mechanism does not allow the release of key, until the shackle is closed and the padlock is locked.
  • Please mention the number of units you’d like in a set for the master key functionality, this offers a flexible and customisable locking option.
  • Can be ordered in different Colours to suit your department identification.
  • Also available in Key Alike Variant (ES-M-DEL-KA) and Key Different Variant (ES-M-DEL-KD).


Padlock Customisation accepted, for more information – Click Here