Normal Push Button Lockout for Electrical Panel – Milky Color


Ensure safety with the Milky Push Button Lockout, providing non-transparent, secure concealment for emergency buttons.

  • Opaque milky finish.
  • Durable PP-Random construction withstands industrial environments.
  • Equipped with a red beak padlock installer for quick and secure lockout application.

100000 in stock

Product Description

  • Designed for secure lockout of emergency stop Mushroom buttons with an opaque cover for added security.
  • Crafted from robust polycarbonate with a milky finish to prevent visibility and access.
  • Supplied with a red beak padlock installer for efficient and reliable installation.
  • Lockout labels included to indicate the locked-out state, maintaining compliance and enhancing safety communication.
  • Inner diameter of 33 x 68 mm, suitable for standard-sized Mushroom buttons, with a hole diameter of 29 mm.