Metallic Multipurpose Cable Lockout


Versatile Metallic Multipurpose Cable Lockouts designed for outdoor use, ideal for locking large gate valves, specifically designed for harsh industrial environments.

  • Outdoor and harsh environment friendly design
  • Stainless-Steel nut for enhanced longevity
  • Highly recommended for corrosive environments

100000 in stock

Product Description

  • Specifically designed for outdoor use and corrosive/harsh industrial environments.
  • Features a specially moulded metallic construction with a Stainless-Steel nut for corrosion-free and long-lasting working.
  • Consists of a 4-piece moulded set, making it easy to install and lockout.
  • Utilizes an open-ended Stainless-Steel cable with the MMCL model.
  • Stainless Steel cable can be ordered separately in 2m, 5m, or 10m lengths.
  • Ideal for locking large gate valves of all types.
  • Totally dependable; Worldwide appreciated design.
  • Highly recommended for offshore installations.
  • *Standalone lockout device without the cable