Lockout Tagout – Single Use Lockout Padlock Seal


The ES-SU-LPS is a specially designed single-use lockout padlock seal, perfect for one-time lockout of delicate devices or areas where installing traditional padlocks is not feasible. These padlock seals feature a one-time pull and lock mechanism, ensuring a secure lockout.


100000 in stock

Product Description

  • Specially made single-use lockout padlock seals for delicate devices or areas where traditional padlocks cannot be installed.
  • 2 mm diameter tail fits on the smallest sealing point.
  • Manufactured from Polypropylene for durability and reliability.
  • Easy to use and disposable after a single use.
  • Can be printed or supplied with printed labels, including company details such as logo, lock number, department name, location, tie numbers, etc.
  • Available in packs of 100 pieces for convenience.
  • Length: 345 mm, Width: 2 mm
  • Standard colour is red, but custom colours are available for larger orders (MOQ: 500 nos. for different colours).
  • To remove the seal, use a cutter for quick and easy removal.