Lockout Poster – Performing Lockout Tagout is must in this Plant


An indispensable safety communication tool, customizable and multilingual, ensuring comprehensive lockout/tagout procedures comprehension across diverse workforces.

  • Available in multiple languages
  • Available in multiple varied size options and materials
  • Highly customizable with company specific details

100000 in stock

Product Description

Lockout posters are a valuable asset for every company, especially when used in conjunction with training and lockout policies. These posters provide crucial information to employees, helping them understand lockout procedures and preventing injuries, ultimately saving lives. They effectively communicate safe lockout/tagout instructions and procedures.

Key Features:

  • Available in all Indian & International languages for better comprehension.
  • Various sizes available: 18 x 24 inch, 24 x 32 inch, and 36 x 48 inch to suit different display areas.
  • Posters made on different materials for your preference: Self Stick Vinyl (SSV), SSV on 3 mm Foam Board, or SSV on 3 mm ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel).
  • Customization options: Incorporate your company logo, address, department name, phone number, email ID, website, or any other required information at an additional nominal cost for a personalized touch.
  • Contact for more customization options – our graphic design team will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.