Lockout Key Cabinet with Clear Fascia for 60 Keys


A durable, yellow, 60-key storage cabinet with clear fascia, enabling secure key organization and immediate visual checks without unlocking.

  • Stores up to 60 keys
  • Robust metallic construction with clear fascia
  • Quick visual check of keys without unlocking

100000 in stock

Product Description

  • Our range of key cabinets provides a simple and cost-effective solution for your key storage needs.
  • Key Cabinet can store up to 60 keys.
  • These cabinets are made of high-quality metallic sheet, ensuring durability and security.
  • The sturdy steel construction is finished with a tough powder-coated yellow finish, adding both strength and visibility.
  • Each cabinet is supplied with a security lock and two keys for added protection.
  • The clear front design allows for a quick visual check of the keys inside without the need to unlock the cabinet.
  • For easy installation, the base plate of the panel is pre-punched with 4 wall mounting holes.
  • Standard colour is Yellow. If ordered more than 10 Nos. – Customized Printing of Logo/Dept. Name etc. is done free of charge.