Ladder Inspection Tag


Ladder Inspection Tags designed for all ladder types, promoting systematic ladder safety management.

  • Suitable for both temporary and fixed ladders.
  • Facilitates regular ladder inspections for safety and compliance.
  • Quick reference inspection checklist on the reverse side.

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Product Description

Ladders are commonly used in various industries and workplaces, and their proper maintenance and inspection are crucial to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of workers.

The Ladder Inspection Tags are designed for use on all types of ladders, both temporary and fixed. Regular and detailed inspections of ladders are essential to ensure their safety and compliance with safety regulations.

  • Facilitates regular and detailed inspections of ladders to ensure safety and compliance.
  • The reverse side of the tag displays a quick reference inspection checklist.

By using the Ladder Inspection Tags, companies can implement a systematic approach to ladder safety management.