Grip Type Multipurpose Cable Lockout with 2 meter Vinyl Coated Steel Cable


A grip type multipurpose cable lockout with a 2-meter vinyl coated steel cable, featuring an interlocking design for easy operation.

  • De-electric design made of PVC, suitable for multiple applications
  • Can simultaneously secure four padlocks
  • Comes with a 2-meter cable of 3.5mm thickness

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Product Description

  • Completely de-electric design made of PVC, ensuring non-conductivity.
  • Suitable for use in multiple applications.
  • Easy installation process: Feed the cable around the object to be secured, clip the lockout together, and then attach padlocks.
  • Standard colour is Red.
  • Four padlocks can be attached simultaneously to provide secure locking.
  • High-quality flexible steel cable with red vinyl coating for durability and visibility.
  • Interlocking design allows for easy snap-open and snap-shut operation.
  • Includes solid stainless-steel inserts for securely holding the galvanized steel cable.
  • Supplied with 2-meter cable of 3.5mm thickness; with brass tip at the end.