Flat Padlock Eye – Jumbo


The padlock eye is a robust lockout/tagout device designed for retrofitting old or existing equipment to enhance safety during maintenance, repair, or servicing procedures. It provides a secure point for attaching padlocks, ensuring the equipment remains isolated and inoperative.

  • Facilitates adherence to OSHA standards.
  • Provides a sturdy point of attachment for one or multiple padlocks.
  • Manufactured from solid stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting reliability.

100000 in stock

Product Description

  • Retrofitting Existing Equipment: Padlock eyes are often used when there is a need to add lockout/tagout capability to equipment that was not originally designed with integrated lockout points.
  • Explicitly designed to help organizations meet critical OSHA standards for equipment lockout during servicing.
  • Ensures machinery remains in a secure “off” position until all padlocks are safely removed.
  • Surface-mounted design, allowing effortless installation on electrical panels or other areas where traditional isolation points might be obscured.
  • Crafted from a consistent-thickness, solid stainless-steel sheet, promising durability and rust resistance.
  • Die-cut design is versatile, accommodating a majority of internationally available padlocks.
  • Installation is flexible; they can be screwed, bolted, or riveted as per requirement.
  • Each package contains 10 individual padlock eyes, ensuring you have ample supply for retrofitting multiple panels or machines.
  • A must-have for any facility keen on enhancing safety protocols without the need for expensive equipment replacements.