Fan Fold Tags-In-A-Box – 100 Tags


The ES-FF TIB brings workplace safety management to a new level with a sleek, portable box design containing 100 durable, weatherproof tags, featuring Z-shaped edge-to-edge perforations for easy dispensing.

  • Portable box design containing 100 safety tags with easy dispensing
  • Weatherproof, tear-resistant tags suitable for all conditions
  • Generous writing space on a dual-sided, scruff-resistant matte surface

100000 in stock

Product Description

Introducing Fan-Fold Safety Tags-in-a-Box, a remarkable solution designed for convenient safety management in the workplace. Combining portability, resilience, and a user-friendly layout, these high-quality, water-resistant tags are perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage.

The sleek and portable box design ensures your essential safety tags are always readily available. Effortlessly store the necessary tags in the compact tag container, and place it in your toolbox or glove compartment for easy access whenever needed. The box also includes a hanging feature, allowing for space-efficient and easily accessible storage. Engineered as a lightweight and disposable carrier, the Fan-Fold Safety Tags-in-a-Box guarantees a constant supply of tags for your safety needs.

  • Sleek, portable box design with hanging functionality
  • Lightweight, disposable container housing 100 safety tags
  • Box dimensions: 200mm H x 102mm W x 50mm D
  • Weatherproof tags designed to resist cracking, distortion, or shrinkage
  • Sturdy, weather-resistant, and tear-proof construction
  • Z-Shaped Edge-to-edge perforations allows for easy dispensing
  • Tags measure 140mm x 80mm with an 8mm hole
  • Smooth writing on a dual-sided, scruff-resistant matte surface
  • Generous space for signatures, dates, and supplementary notes on both sides
  • Tag Material: MAT TAG 330 Microns