Europa Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout – Yellow


Europa MCB lockout devices, crafted from durable nylon, fitting a range of modern breakers for both ON and OFF lockouts.

  • Universal compatibility with MCBs, RCBOs, RCCBs, and Main switch Isolator.
  • Wire clips engage securely behind the circuit breaker toggle.
  • Add Padlock for secure lockout.

100000 in stock

Product Description

  • The Europa MCB lockout device – Yellow is constructed of durable nylon material and is designed to fit most modern breakers.
  • Capable of locking MCBs, RCBOs, RCCBs, and Main switch Isolator, including the Merlin Gerin MG 26970 for C60 miniature circuit breaker, in both the ON and OFF positions.
  • The device features wire clips that engage behind the toggle of the circuit breaker, securely holding it in place.
  • Once fitted, the padlocking device can be secured with a safety padlock (not included) for added security and prevention of operation. Can accommodate 1 lockout padlock.