Electrical Panel Lockout – Square Box – Big 90 Degree Hinge Type


Enhances electrical safety by securely locking out square panel switches and buttons, particularly designed for accommodating lever-type controls with its adaptable hinge mechanism.

  • Features a hinged housing unit that remains attached to the base.
  • Virtually transparent, allowing for visibility.
  • 90° Angled cuts for lever-type controls
  • Accepts padlock for secure locking.

100000 in stock

Product Description

  • Secure Lockout for Panel Controls: Designed to lock out electrical panel buttons and switches that lack inbuilt lockout capabilities, safeguarding against accidental activation.
  • Two-Stage Locking Process: Attach the base plate firmly to the panel over the switch with adhesive backing, rivets, or bolts. The square housing with a hinge then covers the base, effectively isolating the switch. Attach a padlock and tag to complete the lockout.
  • Designed for Levers and Attachments: Customizable – Can be cut from any side/direction for diverse panel configurations.
  • Durable and Transparent Material: Constructed from a high-grade transparent material, it allows visibility while ensuring robust protection against unintentional energizing of machines.
  • If more than one unit on a single panel needs to be locked out – we recommend the use of our De-Electric Squeezer lockout (ES-SMCL-YB) with the yellow cable being fed through the access holes of these electrical lockouts and locked at one location by multiple users.