Electrical Panel Lockout – Circular 45 Hinge Type


An innovative lockout device with a hinged design, the ES-CIR-45H ensures secure isolation of electrical panel buttons and switches, incorporating a user-friendly feature to prevent loss of the housing unit.

  • Features a hinged housing unit that remains attached to the base.
  • Virtually transparent, allowing for visibility.
  • 45mm External Diameter, 41mm Internal Diameter.
  • Accepts padlock for secure locking.

100000 in stock

Product Description

  • Safety device specifically engineered to lock out electrical panel buttons and switches that lack built-in lockout features.
  • This device functions with a two-stage operation; initially, the base plate is secured directly onto the electrical panel over the switch using a highly adhesive backing or via riveting/bolting. Once the base is in place, the electrical components can be isolated by positioning the hinged housing unit over the base plate, thereby preventing access to the switch and ensuring a safe maintenance environment.
  • The hinged design of the ES-CIR-45H ensures that the housing unit remains attached to the base, enhancing usability and reducing the likelihood of loss or misplacement.
  • Manufactured from a robust, transparent material, the ES-CIR-45H not only allows for clear visibility of the enclosed electrical components but also offers a sturdy barrier against accidental re-energization, keeping machinery safely deactivated during critical operations.
  • For situations requiring multiple lockouts on a single panel, the ES-CIR-45H is compatible with our De-Electric Squeezer lockout (ES-SMCL-YB). The yellow cable can be threaded through the access holes of the lockouts, allowing multiple users to secure the system at one location.