Electrical Panel Hole Lockout – Twin Leg


A three-piece Electrical Panel Hole Lockout tailored for securing rack in/out rod insertion holes in electrical panels.

  • Designed for holes with specific diameter and depth requirements.
  • Utilizes the E-Hasp 33 for optimal locking.
  • Targets holes where Rack in/out rods are inserted.

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Product Description

  • A three-piece lockout device designed for holes in electrical panels where Rack in/out rods are inserted.
  • It effectively blocks access to the hole and prevents the insertion of the rod for operating devices inside the panel.
  • It is recommended to use the E-Hasp 33 with this device for installing locks.
  • The lockout is suitable for holes with a diameter of 20 mm and a depth ranging from 29 mm to 39 mm.