Electrical Panel Handle Lockout with De-Electric Strip


A patented locking mechanism for large handles on electrical panels, employing a flexible PVC strip for maximum security.

  • Prevents movement of larger electrical panel handles/levers.
  • Yellow base and flexible PVC strip with 20 holes.
  • Accepts padlock with up to a 9 mm shackle dia.

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Product Description

  • Patented design of EPHL freezes the movement of the bigger handles / levers installed on the electrical panels.
  • Yellow base and flexible PVC strip of 25 mm x 300 mm with 20 holes Prohibits the movement of handles or levers on electrical panels, once locked with the help of two yellow clamps and a lockout padlock.
  • Recommended for all handles and levers that do not have a built-in lockout arrangement
  • Holds 1 safety padlock (not included) with up to 9 mm shackle diameter