Double Bar Handle Lockout for Handle Bar Lockout


The Double Bar ? Handle Lockout, crafted from resilient Nylon/ABS, provides a secure locking mechanism for large or unique handle switches, complete with color-coded bars for easy status identification.

  • Robust Nylon/ABS construction
  • Color-coded bars for easy ‘on’ or ‘off’ status identification
  • Designed for secure lockout of large or uniquely shaped handle switches

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Product Description

  • Made from robust Nylon/ABS for durability
  • Designed for locking large or uniquely shaped handle switches
  • Color-coded bars indicate the handle switch’s ‘on’ (green) or ‘off’ (red) locked position, providing clear and immediate information
  • Provision for use of padlock and tag for secure lockout procedure.
  • The wider base is provided with self-adhesive tape for the initial fixing. Alternatively, 4 holes are also provided to install the base on the panel surface with the help of rivets (supplied with the product).