Cylinder Lockout Device – Red Lid – Empty


High-security Cylinder Lockout designed for quick valve handle protection and easy identification of empty gas cylinders.

  • Fast and secure installation
  • Three padlock application for extra security
  • Constructed from durable polystyrene

100000 in stock

Product Description

  • The Gas Cylinder Lockout is a device designed to prevent unauthorized access to the valve handle of a gas cylinder.
  • The lockout is made of polystyrene and is designed for easy and quick application. It can be installed in seconds, providing immediate protection.
  • The unit encloses the valve head of the gas cylinder, preventing access to the valve handle and ensuring that it cannot be operated.
  • The lockout is secured in place with two interlocking plates, enhancing its effectiveness and preventing tampering or removal.
  • The device has the additional function of allowing the application of 3 padlocks. This ensures that the lockout is securely locked in place, preventing unauthorized activation of the valve.
  • The inner size of the lockout is 85 mm in diameter and 150 mm in depth, providing sufficient space to accommodate most standard gas cylinder valves. The stem hole has a diameter of 35 mm, allowing for proper fit and functionality.
  • 3-Hole Interlocking Design: The lockout cover features three holes for the placement of padlocks, further enhancing security and preventing the removal of the lockout without authorized access.
  • Empty Cylinder Identification: The lockout provides quick and easy identification that the gas cylinder is empty, facilitating proper management and handling.