Clamp On Breaker Lockout – Small for 120 – 277 V Breakers (Hinged Flap)


An advanced lockout solution for securing 120 – 277V breakers, enhanced with a hinged flap for improved usability.

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Product Description

  • The Clamp-On Breaker Lockout with Hinge is a versatile and reliable lockout device designed to secure a wide range of single-pole and internal-trip multi-pole breakers.
  • Available in three sizes: small (ES-COBL-SH), medium (ES-COBL-MH), and large (ES-COBL-LH), or as a kit (ES-COMBO-COBLH) with all sizes and two detachable cleats.
  • Made from rugged ABS for lasting reliability.
  • The small lockout is suitable for 120/277V breakers.
  • Easy installation: Use the round screw to securely clamp the lockout onto the switch tongue, then pull the cover over the thumbscrew and lock it in place to secure the lockout.
  • Each device accepts one padlock with shackles up to 7mm in diameter, providing secure lockout capability.
  • Accommodates additional cleats (ES-C/COBL-SH) (sold separately) to expand the range of applicable breakers, ensuring a flexible lockout solution.