Ball Valve Lockout – Pipe Dia 2″ – 8″ (Large Size)


The ES-BV 02 L Ball Valve Lockout secures large ball valves against unauthorized operation. Made from virtually indestructible polyurethane plastic, it’s suitable for demanding industrial environments and is designed to fit most international ball valves.

  • Designed specifically for closed position lockout
  • Robust, weather and temperature resistant
  • Non-conductive and available in various colours

100000 in stock

Product Description

  • Ideal solution for securing ball valves and preventing unauthorized operation.
  • Our lockouts are designed for effortless installation and operation. Simply clamp them over the valve lever to prevent the valve from being operated. The BV-01 EX / BV-02 L models are used specifically for closed position lockout.
  • Our two-piece moulded lockouts are designed to fit most ball valves available internationally. The inner slider provides a secure grip on the valve handle sleeves inside the cover, ensuring a tight and reliable lockout.
  • Our lockouts are made from strong polyurethane plastic that is virtually indestructible. This ensures excellent resistance to cracking, abrasion, and impacts, making them suitable for even the most demanding industrial environments.
  • They are resistant to extreme weather & temperature conditions.
  • Non-conductive. Available in 4 different colours.