Aluminium – Ladder Lockout (62″ x 15″)


The 62″ x 15″ Ladder Guard Lockout device is made of durable aluminum, ensuring lightweight yet robust protection.

  • Can be secured using supplied hardware
  • Fits various ladder types and sizes
  • Built to withstand industrial environments

100000 in stock

Product Description

Introducing the Aluminum Ladder Guard Lockout, a versatile safety solution designed to prevent unauthorized access to elevated areas in your workplace. This innovative device ensures that only authorized personnel can access restricted zones, minimizing the risk of accidents and unauthorized tampering of equipment. Its durable design, easy installation, and high visibility make it an essential addition to your facility’s safety measures.

  • Can be installed or removed in seconds.
  • Built to withstand industrial environments and ensure long-lasting performance.
  • Made of 95% aluminium, 5% steel and stainless-steel nut and bolts.
  • Compatible with various ladder types and sizes, offering a flexible solution for your facility’s needs.
  • Can be secured in place using supplied hardware and includes padlock hasp for restricted access (*Padlock sold separately).
  • Powder coated safety yellow for durability and high visibility.