7H MCL with 2 meter Vinyl Coated Steel Cable with Loop


This 7H Multipurpose Cable Lockout ensures reliable locking in multiple points, providing a lightweight alternative to chains.

  • 2-meter vinyl coated steel cable with loop included
  • Lightweight, easy to carry and use
  • Durable ABS construction

100000 in stock

Product Description

  • Flexible and cost-effective cable lockout designed to secure multiple points.
  • Lighter than chains, providing ease of carrying and use.
  • Steel cable with insulated cover for reliable locking.
  • Standard cable length is 2 meters, with extra length available upon order.
  • Supplied with a loop for easy attachment.
  • Made of durable ABS material for long-lasting performance.
  • Allows for multiple locks to be attached to one lockout point