2-in-1 Do Not Operate Double Lockable Labelled Hasp


A robust 2-in-1 aluminium hasp featuring a built-in tag and a double interlocking system, designed to provide enhanced security by accommodating up to eight padlocks.

  • Combines a hasp and tag into one
  • Double interlocking system across jaws
  • Can secure up to eight padlocks

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Product Description

  • Combines a hasp and tag into one convenient product for easy lockout and indication of lockout status.
  • Features tags on both sides: front side includes a warning tag with space for specifying the reason for lockout, while the back side includes a unique label with space for adding a person’s name next to their padlock (up to eight padlocks can be attached).
  • Made from high-quality aluminium, ensuring durability and non-conductivity for electrical applications.
  • Powder-coated finish provides enhanced durability, resistance to chipping, fading, rust, and corrosion.
  • Built-in double interlocking system across the jaws prevents unauthorized removal, ensuring additional security.
  • Tamperproof design ensures the hasp remains securely fixed until all padlocks are removed.