1 Piece each All Conventional Circuit Breaker Lockout


Four-piece conventional circuit breaker lockout combo, featuring the Tie Bar and straightforward push-button MCB locking.

  • Combo includes ES-PIN-IN, ES-PIN-OUT, ES-PIN-OUT-WIDE, and ES-TIE-BAR-CBL.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Tie Bar offers a degree of universality.

100000 in stock

Product Description

A combo of all 4 conventional type circuit breaker lockouts.


ES-PIN-IN-CBL – PIN IN Conventional Circuit Breaker Lockout Device

ES-PIN-OUT-CBL – PIN OUT Conventional Circuit Breaker Lockout

ES-PIN-OUT-WIDE-CBL – PIN OUT WIDE Conventional Circuit Breaker Lockout

ES-TIE-BAR-CBL – TIE BAR Conventional Circuit Breaker Lockout


  • Extremely simple to use: Simply switch off the MCB, push the button on the device to extend the pin prongs, and attach to the MCB before releasing the button and attaching a padlock to fully secure the lockout.
  • No tools required for installation; the device fully secures the MCB, preventing it from being energized until the lockout is removed.
  • The Tie Bar offers a degree of universality and serves as a safe and effective method for locking out Miniature Circuit Breakers.
  • The Push Button MCBL does not require any tools for installation.
  • The Tie Bar style lockout features a convenient thumb wheel for quick application on multiple breakers.
  • Lockout devices can be used on single and multi-pole breakers that are operated with a tie-bar.