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Testimonial by Mr. Lovekush Singh (Enrich Agro Foods - Coca-Cola)

This is the journey of Enrich Agro Food Products Pvt. Ltd. - from having deficient knowledge and awareness of controlling hazardous energies to becoming a continuously striving organisation for achieving total compliance as per OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.147 (Lockout Tagout).

Enrich Agro is the authorised franchise bottlers of The Coca-Cola Company and a leading supplier of beverages in India. Having its headquarters in Gurgaon, it operates with two manufacturing facilities located in Rohtak and Gurgaon.

Enrich Agro was able to successfully implement Phase 1 of Lockout Tagout procedure and transform their standard for Lockout Tagout with the assistance of committed and competent E-Square team. The team carried out detailed site surveys to find out the various energy isolation points present and to identify the gaps relating to the inadequate implementation of lockout tagout at the site, coupled with training regarding development, importance of Machine Specific Procedures (MSPs) and implementation of various lockout tagout devices as per the requirement of their plant.

Following the successful implementation of Phase 1, Mr. Lovekush Singh (EHS Manager) feels confident that his team has become significantly more well-informed and aware of the issues they were facing and learnt how to bridge the gap towards achieving complete compliance with OSHA standards. He also believes that him and his team are more safe and secure from the exposure to an uncontrolled release of energy or unexpected equipment start-up.

E-Square is the leading provider for lockout tagout solutions, with a vast experience of serving more than 15,000 sites over the past 18 years in India and abroad. They all have been benefitted by the globally widest range of customised Lockout Tagout products along with services such as carrying out LOTO surveys, hazard isolation, developing policies and procedures, Machine Specific Procedures (MSPs), conducting trainings and audits to name a few.

For more information on Lockout Tagout Solutions, visit - https://www.safetylock.net

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