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Accidents that lead to injuries and fatalities are serious, and so is the need to generate awareness on this subject. When we speak of controlling hazardous energies, Lockout Tagout is the first measure that hits every mind. Despite the alarming number of machine-related accidents and regulatory enforcement efforts, lockout tagout is still viewed by many as burdensome, production-slowing tasks. Companies that fail to recognise and control machine hazards face regulatory fines and the risk of severe and costly machine-related accidents. However, with an effective lockout tagout program, injuries and losses arising from failure to control hazardous energy are entirely preventable. Failure to implement lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures adversely affects the rate of work-related fatalities and severe traumatic injuries. This standard remains to be in OSHA’s top 10 most violated standards for the past two decades.

It has been repeatedly recognised that issues regarding the implementation of lockout tagout can be solved by continuous improvement in awareness and knowledge. Since LOTO is quite a dry subject, it needs prudent eye-catching efforts to make people familiar with it at all levels. We need to change the concept of considering LOTO as only a subject of an industrial concern and highlight it as everyone's responsibility.

E-Square has always been innovating and creating new ways and methods to keep its audiences involved and aware of the importance of LOTO safety at the workplace. This time, in our endeavor, to make Lockout Tagout remarkable and familiar, we bring to you our new column in our blog section - LOTO POEMS & LOTO STORIES.

Creativity is the power to create something new, to reach deep into our subconscious for a fantastic solution. We need to keep improvising, keep growing, keep changing with time, and support learning new things each day. Adding knowledge and awareness will add value to our lives and help us isolate hazardous energy in a well-informed manner.

Poems and Stories give you a deeper understanding of the subject, and it allows you to feel the emotions differently. They connect content with emotion. They help push buttons, inspire people to join a cause, and effectively disseminate information. Therefore, we are not leaving any stone unturned, getting out of our way to reach out to you, your organizations, your workers, and each individual who needs to know that their life is worth everything!

To help you get with the whole experience of lockout tagout safety, E-Square now offers new information mixed with entertainment to generate new interests and urge more people to learn about this subject.

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The Wakeup Call | LOTO Poem 1

The Wakeup Call - Lockout Tagout Poem

The Wakeup Call - Lockout Tagout Poem

"Every morning I wake up to find father by my side,
What a relief to have him near me! I hug him so tight.
I heard mother talking to him at the dining, about our holiday plan,
And Dad chuckled, marking places from Russia to Japan."

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