Lockout Tagout Modification - Tool Free Circuit Breaker Lockout Device

Lockout Tagout - Tool Free Circuit Breaker Lockout Device Modification

April 12, 2020

E-Square's Tool free Circuit Breaker Lockout is one of the best available MCBL in the market today. These are specially designed lockout devices to be used on electrical MCBs and MCCBs.

This Tool Free Circuit Breaker Lockout Device (ES - TF CBL) by E-Square provides quick, easy, yet secure solution to circuit breaker lockout applications. This Lockout Device is a special construction in thermoplastic material, resistant to chemicals that can withstand extreme environmental condition. It locks off most of the miniature ISO/DIN circuit breakers.

The installation becomes fast and easy with a thumb twister screw provided. Both pointed and flat screws are supplied with each piece. Since Twister screw is hidden under the cover, it prevents the removal of Tool Free Circuit Breaker Lockout.

Safety Padlock / Lockout Hasps of upto 6 mm can be applied horizontally or vertically depending upon the site situation.

For more details about Tool free Circuit Breaker Lockout, visit - www.safetylock.net/tool-free-circuit-breaker-lockout-es-tf-cbl.html

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