E-Square LOTO Innovation - Cable Lockout Safety Padlock

Lockout Tagout - Cable Lockout Safety Padlock Innovation

April 11, 2020

Our team of Professional Engineers at E-Square, under the guidance of their directors is working consistently to create new energy isolation products (Lockout Tagout Devices) for the safety of workers in the Industries. E-Square introduced a new Lockout padlock design - Cable Lockout Safety Padlock (ES - CLSP). This Lockout Padlock is made of ABS body with vinyl coated steel cable for maximum strength and flexibility.

Cable Lockout Devices are ideal when there is a need to lockout multiple energy sources with one device or where other types of lockout devices cannot be securely attached to the energy source.

Cables are available from 1 feet to 4 feet, and customized length can be ordered as per customer requirement.

Lock body is available in all 12 colours, where standard colour is red. Each lock is supplied with 1 key.

Cable Lockout Safety Padlock is available in different types like Key Different, Key Alike and Key Different + Master Key.

To check the product specification or product customization, one can visit - www.safetylock.net/cable-lockout-safety-padlock-with-1-feet-cable-es-clsp-01.html

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