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A Roadmap to LOTO Excellence, as Charted by OSHA!

OSHA Interactive Case Studies

As part of this OSHA documentation resource, a series of case studies are presented for you to review. Each of the case studies is based on descriptions of Lockout/Tagout inspections derived from Compliance interpretations, court decisions, Review Commission decisions, and inspection files. Following each case study scenario, you can walk through a series of questions and make decisions concerning the proper application of the Lockout/Tagout standard. After providing your answer, you will see an explanation that identifies and discusses the correct response.

The case studies presented are:

1 - Printing Press Roll Cleaning
2 - Automotive Component Lubrication Robotics
3 - Replacement of Nitrogen Pressure Vessel Seals
4 - Multiple Energy Control Procedures
5 - Sour Water Pipeline Repairs
6 - Steel Mill Teeming Car Repairs
7 - Overhead Crane Servicing and Maintenance

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