Coronavirus: Stay Home, Stay Safe!

Coronavirus - Stay Home, Stay Safe

April 14, 2020

The novel coronavirus has now infected millions of people as per cases confirmed according to data compiled by researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. But in much of the world, people exhibiting mild or no symptoms are unable to get tested, meaning that the true number of cases could be much higher.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recommended following social distancing strictly to curtail the spread of the virus. Many countries are under lockdown, and have urged their people to stay at home and isolate themselves from the outside hazards.

Isolation is meant for your developmental thinking, this is the time to work upon yourself, give time to yourself as this is the right time to start everything you always wished to do when you have time for yourself!

Give time to your family, stay with them. Work upon your inner self. There are hazardous energies not only in the outside world, but it is present in us too. Our mind keeps feeding all kind of information that it receives from outside. Some are positive, the others might be negative. Restrain yourself from everything negative that comes your way. Try to connect with the supreme power, learn to cherish everything beautiful, spread love and breathe in the air of positivity, to kill the beast of hazardous energies building within us.

To keep up to this resolution until things get better, E-Square supports the Lockdown and as a well wisher, urges its dedicated customers, partners, stakeholders and everybody around the world, to stay safe and stay home!

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