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LOTO Innovation – Electrical Panel Handle Lockout Device

dateFebruary 11, 2020

The world of industrial safety continues to evolve with technology and innovation at its core. While traditional safety systems have served industries well over the years, unique challenges arise that demand advanced solutions. Electrical feeder isolation has long been one of these challenges. Without the presence of a locking provision, ensuring safety during maintenance or repairs becomes complex. E-Square's latest innovation, addresses this very issue and pushes the boundaries of what's possible in Lockout Tagout (LOTO) solutions.

The Challenge:
Conventional electrical panels often come with larger handles or levers, which, in many instances, lack locking provisions. This complicates the isolation process, especially during essential maintenance or when a hazard is detected. Recognizing this gap, E-Square's Research & Development team embarked on a mission to design a solution that would not only be efficient but also user-friendly.

The Solution:
E-Square's patented Electrical Panel Handle Lockout (ES-EPHL) device was born from rigorous analysis and creative problem-solving. Designed explicitly to immobilize the movement of larger handles or levers on electrical panels, this innovation is a game-changer.

The ES-EPHL is a composite of two primary components:

  1. Yellow Base: This is strategically positioned below the lever, adhering with the aid of a double-sided tape. Additionally, it's equipped with holes for those who prefer riveting it onto the panel directly.
  2. Flexible Stainless-Steel Strip: A resilient strip, powder-coated for durability, measuring 25mm x 300mm. This strip is threaded through the base's openings, and once aligned, is securely locked in place using two yellow clamps and a Lockout padlock. Once the clamps and lock are affixed, they deny any movement of the handles, ensuring safety and integrity.

The brilliance of the ES-EPHL lies in its versatility. It is tailor-made for levers and handles that traditionally have no designated lockout arrangement. It ensures that, regardless of the panel's design, workers can safely perform maintenance without the looming threat of unexpected energy releases.

In the fast-paced world of industrial safety, staying ahead means continuous innovation. E-Square's Electrical Panel Handle Lockout device represents the future of LOTO safety solutions, addressing real-world challenges with precision-engineered solutions. As industries grow and adapt, so too will the requirements for advanced safety measures. And with pioneering innovations like the ES-EPHL, E-Square solidifies its position at the forefront of this evolution.

Safety, after all, is not just a protocol; it's a commitment to preserving lives.

E-Square Engineering and Design Team
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E-Square Engineering and Design Team

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