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Lockout Tagout – You are the Key to Your Safety

dateMay 18, 2021

The realm of hazardous energy control, particularly lockout/tagout (LOTO), remains a significant point of concern within the occupational safety sphere. Time and again, OSHA cites lack of adherence to LOTO standards as a critical violation, emphasizing its importance. LOTO, when correctly implemented, acts as the first line of defense against unexpected machine startups, which can result in grievous injuries or even fatalities.

Consider the analogy of a mechanic working on a car. The mechanic delves into the engine, handling intricate parts with precision, often placing limbs at potential risk. Yet, he does this confidently, aware that the engine won't suddenly turn on and cause harm. Why? Because he holds the key to that car's ignition. This key is more than a tool - it's a safety device that guarantees the machine remains inert during service.

Similarly, every piece of industrial equipment that harbours potential hazardous energies should have a unique, unambiguous LOTO procedure. A general approach is insufficient. OSHA emphasizes the need for detailed, step-by-step LOTO procedures, especially for equipment with multiple energy sources. Documenting these procedures isn't just a best practice—it's a mandate. These documents should elucidate the tasks, frequency, tools, personnel involved, and notification protocols.

The ultimate goal? Empower workers with the confidence that, when they're servicing equipment, it remains securely isolated from all energy sources. This assurance fosters a conducive work environment where employees can focus on tasks without the looming fear of unexpected machine start-ups. However, the onus of safety isn't solely on procedures or equipment. It's largely on personal responsibility. Workers must be proactive in ensuring they adhere to established LOTO protocols, considering their well-being and that of their colleagues.

The complexity of ensuring safety multiplies when multiple individuals service a single piece of equipment. Group LOTO practices are essential in such scenarios to ascertain machinery remains inert until every worker involved has concluded their tasks. Here, a collective approach to safety is crucial, but with individual accountability.

In group scenarios, here are a few essential guidelines:

  • Never trust any of your co-workers for your safety:
    While teamwork is invaluable, each worker must independently verify LOTO protocols before initiating their tasks. Depending on others can sometimes lead to oversights.
  • Never share your LOTO key:
    Every worker should possess their unique LOTO padlock and key. Sharing these critical safety tools undermines the essence of personalized safety responsibility.
  • Encourage personal lock:
    Every lock deployed should have distinct identifiers to easily trace its owner. This ensures clarity and prevents unauthorized removal.

In essence, while organizations and governing bodies can set the stage for a safe work environment, individuals play a pivotal role in its successful execution. After all, your safety affects not just you but your family, colleagues, and the broader community.

Workplace accidents can be extremely costly to both employers and employees. E-Square can help you get your Lockout Tagout right! We are always there to help you select the right device or if you need some solid advice. Our specialists can help you evaluate your needs and make the right selections and improvements to ensure your program is compliant, successful, and sustainable.

For a safer tomorrow, let's begin today. Contact Us!

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E-Square Compliance and Education Division

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