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  • Bird spikes right solution for pigeons and other birds trouble
  • The pigeons and bird control is an issue that is particularly faced in the large cities and Industries. The birds nest in the cities and the droppings of the birds damaged buildings and pollute parts of buildings which are difficult to clean.
  • A effective solution is the use of strong and lasting metallic Bird Spikes. Our Steel / Stainless Steel powder coated bird spikes are products for effective pigeon control - prevent the birds landing on the corresponding protected buildings. Our bird spikes are made of stainless steel or a combination of stainless spring steel 1.4301 wire and UV resistant polycarbonate bars. We chose the steel / stainless steel 1.4301 material, because it is impact resistant and more resistant to bending than other metal. Various kinds of anti-bird spikes are available with multiple formats.
  • The spikes can be mounted on different surfaces: metal, plastic, wood, stone, concrete, marble, etc. They are particularly suitable for the protection of parapets, window sills, solar photovoltaic, billboards, air conditioners, cornices, thin pipes, balcony railings, and even round buildings.
  • In recent years, our pigeon spikes were mounted on thousands of locations including facades or similar projections. Our customers ranges from the property managers, builders, architects, industrial plants, municipal corporations, households etc.
  • We have the right solution for every purpose. The bird deterrent spikes make for a neat look of your property and prevent the damage of birds or bird droppings. Save the installation time and costs. Wall spikes, swallow spikes and bird barrier spirals are offered for various different applications.

Bird Spikes Manufacturer and Supplier

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