Machine Specific Procedures

E-Square is dedicated to providing businesses and industries in all sectors with the lockout tagout procedure service. On the basis of the onsite evaluations and analysis conducted by our engineers - customized procedures are drafted for each individual piece of equipment. This process includes :

  • Use of digital pictures to show where the energy source isolation point is located.
  • Instructing employees where to find each isolation point using the text.
  • Correlating with custom graphical tagged energy source isolation points to quickly display where the lockout point is.
  • Each procedure is customized to its specific application to meet each customer's unique needs. These options include the sturdy and dependable laminated procedures for indoor environment / self stick formats for fixing them on machines / binder & digital copies of each procedure for internal usage / reference or injection molded, UV & chemical Resistant flat board based digital copies.
  • Establishing a policy that permits only the employee who applied a lockout/tagout device to remove it. [See 29 CFR 1910.147(e)(3) for exception.]

E-Square offers a complete range of Lockout / Tagout Compliance services to its customers & their organization to become fully compliant with the OSHA 29 CFR 1910.147 requirements.

MSP Lockout / Tagout procedures are an integral part of any Control of Hazardous Energy program.

All the employees of a company rely on them for safe equipment Maintenance and operations.

E-Square Customized MSP ( Machine Specific Procedures) are the most sought- after by our customers who value the life of their workers and safety of their establishments.

Our MSP and the related products - like the Energy Source Tags, supply of complete range of customized and conventional LOTO solutions / gadgets, range of lockout tags in different sizes and colours in the regional languages / text and graphics are designed to fit to their specific needs, budgets and at the same time meet the OSHA requirements.

At E-Square , we always design the MSP by keeping the safety of employees of our customers in mind and they are made to be fully OSHA 29 CFR 1910.147 compliant, practically accurate, easy to be understood and used for the complete safety of all the workers.

It is the responsibility of the employers to protect their employees in their units by implementing a perfect and proper LOTO program / procedures.

E-Square Lockout/Tagout MSP placards are equipment-specific Lockout/Tagout Procedures designed to identify all hazardous energies associated with production equipment. Each hazardous Energy or potentially hazardous Stored Energy source, is identified in a specific sequence. The sequence is significant in illustrating the relationship between primary, secondary and stored energy sources associated with the equipment.

There are various kind of Energy / Stored Energy Source that are covered by Lockout/Tagout procedures, like…..

  • Electrical Energy Sources
  • Hydraulic Energy Sources
  • Pneumatic Energy Sources
  • Water Energy Sources
  • Gas Energy Sources
  • Chemical Energy Sources
  • Steam Energy Sources
  • Gravitational Energy
  • Motion Energy
  • Mechanical Energy
  • Rotational Energy
  • Thermal Energy

Proper Lockout/Tagout procedures can virtually eliminate the risk involved with Hazardous Energies.

These MSP are designed to cover the complete safety of the equipment and their operators. Various formats are available to the customers to choose from as per their individual requirements. Their features are designed to suit a wide range of equipment types, from simple machines with only a few energy sources to the large systems with multiple energy sources. The detailing / amount of working required on them, differentiate these procedures to various categories.

These procedures can be categorized as :

    They can accommodate only the basic type of equipments like electrical hand tools, small pneumatic machines for daily on the floor jobs, etc. They all can easily be brought into Lockout / Tagout Compliance by applying one Source Procedures to each relevant Energy Source isolation device.
    Ask for details.
    They are drafted for the manufacturers who operate smaller facilities with basic machines - which require just simple documentation for proper control of Hazardous Energies. These normal Lockout / Tagout Procedures are considered as very cost effective, compact solution and perfect fit for smaller equipments / establishments.
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    They are the most commonly & widely used MSP Suitable for small - medium & large-sized equipments and enterprises. Their format is very flexible and can accommodate any number of energy sources. They offer a number of exclusive features that guide to ensure proper and safe Hazardous Energy isolation and Lockout. Some of the prominent features of MSP are:
    • Identifies primary, secondary and stored energy sources,
    • Identifies primary to secondary energy source relationship and subordination,
    • Identifies number of locks / lockouts required for zero energy state,
    • Identifies associated equipment with associated energy sources,
    • Shows the equipment’s layout or photos of actual equipment,
    • Provides component specific lockout with verification instructions / energy source tags,
    • These E-Square MSP placards are durable & have long-lasting construction and are supplied with Energy control labels / tags, that contains all the information related to the unique energy control device, their isolation, Lockout and verification procedures
    • With these MSP, all device-specific Lockout / Tagout information is placed right where it is needed at one location.
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    They are necessary for accommodating large equipment installations, such as multi-activity work-cells or large conveyor systems in heavy industries or breweries, cement, meat processing, food industries, etc. In such cases, it is often unsuitable to use single photograph of the equipment. That is why, to avoid unnecessary confusion, number of overhead locator views are used in these MSP. Besides accommodating all the details of Standard MSP, they offer a number of exclusive features that guide to ensure proper and safe Hazardous Energy isolation and Lockout.
    Many organizations have established corporate standards that define the details of their unique Lockout / Tagout implementation.

    Such standards may be permissive and cover only general requirements. Most established standards, however, are very specific and involve best practices, format requirements, use and implementation. We are fully prepared to meet such requirements and are a preferred vendor to many Fortune 500 companies that have and enforced specific corporate standards like Unilever, Coca-Cola, Toyota, Honda, TATA Motors, Nestle, Bosh, IBM, BASF, Indian Oil, Pepsi Co, Reliance Industries, ONGC, Bayer, Pfizer, ABB, Aditya Birla, UBL , SAPA, Vedanta, etc.
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Energy Control Tags

These energy control tags simply identifies the Energy Control Device by a proper equipment-specific sequence number, as established in the associated MSP.

Sometime, they are important because of large physical size of the equipment /machines or because of high number of energy source - points.

These tags provide the associated Lockout and verification procedures at the location of the energy control device. Such detail is beneficial and very helpful to personnel’s, when Lockout / Tagout is performed on large installations.

They are especially required when energy control devices are located far away from the lockout procedure placement, making it difficult for personnel to refer the device-specific lockout and verification instructions.

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