Since 2002, E-Square is shaping the future of Industrial Safety – by inventing and introducing the most required Lockout / Tagout Energy Isolation Devices.

Commitment and values are deeply engrained in our family business culture. Being called the ambassadors of LOTO SAFETY in India - Our main focus since 2002 has been to develop innovative devices and software based solutions for hazardous energy isolation, to help our customers to implement LOCKOUT / TAGOUT successfully in their premises as per OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.174

As a family business steeped in tradition, with a worldwide presence, our aim is to be a reliable partner for you, locally. Our roots are in India – but our products are at home anywhere in the world. The vast experience, commitment of our employees and trust & loyalty of our customers have made us what we are – One of the leading International energy isolation company. Our aim is to make the industrial / commercial environment better and safer.

The Brand, E-Square was created by Mr. Upendra Gulati & Dr. Nallini Gulati (IGC – NEBOSH, UK) with a vision in mind to make available the best Positive Isolation, Lockout / Tagout devices to the world at a reasonable price, so that every industry could afford these products and save the precious lives of their work force from accidents - that occur during maintenance, servicing & installation of their machines. After starting this Lockout / Tagout division in 2002, Our Directors realized that the available Lockout products at that time were just a handful and were not completely compatible to isolate different kind of machines, electrical panels, mechanical valves, energy sources, etc. that were used in the industries at large.

They, then formed a team of Lockout Engineers, who started visiting the industries, with in the radius of 2,500 Kilo Meters (1,600 miles) and on the basis of every visit made by the team members – the company started innovating and manufacturing the new loto products that were required by the individual industries / plants for their machines, electrical panels, mechanical valves, etc.

E-Square created its own Lockout Padlock & Key Design - which soon became the third largest selling design of the Padlock in the World. After this, the new innovations started in the line of LOTO and now the company has more than 50 patents in its lap.

Under the management of Mr.Upendra Gulati & Dr.Nallini Gulati, E-Square expanded worldwide. Our family business with more than 100 employees* has become a company with over 400 associates worldwide. They developed the company with a great deal of dedication and passion. An example of this is the development of the first LOTO software based program that can be included in the present safety system of any company #.

Our products and solutions have become established as a BRAND in Safe Isolation Technology. Innovation at E-Square is a never ending process. We welcome all the industries to send (e-mail us) the photographs of their locations where the Isolation/ Lockout is required by them - so that we shall suggest and supply the right solution / product for the same. This suggestion service is FREE OF CHARGE to all our customers and new loto system initiators / resellers.

Awards & Certificates

British Safety Council Membersip




Udyog Rattan Award

International Leadership Innovation Excellence Award - Thailand

Certificate of Excellence Award - Thailand

Gold Medal Certificate of Excellence - Thailand

Excellence Award

International Institute of Fire and Safety Certificate

NEBOSH Certificate

Safety Catch Certificate

Benefits with E-Square

Complete peace of mind with E-Square customized Lockout / Tagout service.

Loto is just not about the products, It is a complete project with the systematic Implementation of Loto Procedures ( From A to Z ). Joining hands with E-Square means getting assured about the safety of your employees, along with the perfect production efficiency by using the customized lockout tagout program created to suit your unit / location. It will be in accordance to OSHA guidelines mentioned in 29 CFR 1910.147 – Control of Hazardous Energy.

Once you contact E-Square for your custom made modern lockout / tagout program, our team of expert LOTO professionals will get involve with your company’s HSE / Governing body and on getting the required feedback - we will develop an in house Lockout / Tagout program for your company, which will be in compliance with OSHA CFR 1910.147.

For the proper execution of the complete project of implementing LOTO, an in-depth study of the entire process plant working and of your current Loto policies and procedures followed in house is mandatory along with the Gap Analysis Survey, Supply of Customized Lockout devices, Class- room and On the floor Training of Authorized and effected employees, Drafting of Machine Specific Procedures, Installations and periodic audits .

We can even complete the assigned job in tight timeframe if desired from us. (Different plans are available to execute these jobs). Our R & D Team has an expertise in designing and creating the New Lockout devices for your specific needs.

We at E-Square handle more than 25,000 lockout/tagout procedures ( MSP) for our different clients spread around the globe every year.

LOCKOUT TAGOUT is not what an organization want - It’s the need of this hour to implement systematic lockout procedures in your premises and we at E-Square are committed to help you in all the ways to achieve this successfully and economically.

With E-Square, the money invested in LOTO will pay you back in EFFICIENCES, you cannot think of.

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