World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2020

World Day for Safety and Health at Work | E-Square Alliance

April 28, 2020

The official World Day for Safety and Health at work on 28 April is the beginning of worldwide events and activities to continue throughout the rest of the year, around the theme of safety and health and the future of work, celebrating and building on the wealth of knowledge and action accumulated over 100 years as we get ready to face and appreciate the changes brought forward by the future of work we want.

Recognizing the great challenge that governments, employers, workers and whole societies are facing worldwide to combat the COVID-2019 pandemic, the World Day for Safety and Health at Work focuses on addressing the outbreak of infectious diseases at work, focusing on the COVID-2019 pandemic.

“We need special measures to protect the millions of health care workers and other workers who risk their own health for us every day.”
ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder

OSH measures should be implemented to prevent and reduce psychosocial risks, including violence and harassment, and promote mental health and well-being, in addition to preventing the risk of long-term repercussions on workers wellbeing. A manual for protecting health workers and responders, produced by the WHO and the ILO (2018), lists several measures to be implemented to prevent work-related stress among these workers. These are also relevant to other workers on the frontlines of the pandemic. These measures include:

- Good communication and up-to-date information to enable workers to feel informed and to give them a sense of control
- A venue for workers to express concerns and ask questions about the health risks to themselves and colleagues;
- Multidisciplinary sessions to identify concerns, including around the well-being of staff, and to work together on strategies to solve problems;
- Reviewing the organizational culture and sensitivity to others, as families of local staff may be affected;
- A checklist to assess and understand personal strengths, weaknesses and limitations, including recognizing signs of stress and burnout in themselves and in others;
- A buddy system to provide psychological support and monitor stress and burnout;
- Regulated rest periods for taking sufficient rest breaks during the work day;
- Opportunities to promote physical health, including exercise, and encouraging workers to maintain healthy eating habits;
- Psychological support for workers to share fears and worries confidentially;
- Role-modelling where managers are role models for staff under their supervision and conduct themselves in ways that show how to mitigate stress;
- Campaigns to reduce stigma, addressing the exclusion of health-care workers resulting from the public’s potentially excessive fear of contagion or contamination, and encouraging the public to value the role of the men and women on the frontlines, so that workers feel proud of what they are doing; and
- Use of humour and participatory techniques which can promote dialogue, innovative solutions and positive changes in attitude.

Every organization, every industry must come up to fulfil these guidelines, ensuring proper safety and security to employees and workers in the company, so that they feel complete belongingness and trust the company they are working in.

E-Square will always put in efforts to make us aware of our strengths and capabilities to whatever little we can do to give back to the society, what it has always given us.

Place your complete trust in your isolation partner, and leave all your fear while servicing or maintenance to us!

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