Ventilated Confined Space Cover - Lockable Extra Large

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  • Normally made in round & semi square / rectangle in different sizes as per the requirements of our customers.
  • Lockable polyester net construction for ventilated areas with solid side coverings on flanges - lockable with padlock and ES - SMCL.
  • They can be supplied with different captions to suit the requirement of our customers in their languages and the governing laws of their country.
  • Matter related to the Danger of the confined spaces is also mentioned on these covers, sometimes.
  • They are being made and supplied in accordance to OSHA requirements with the specified OSHA / local laws, warnings to restrict the unauthorized entry in to these areas.
  • Easy to install and lockable with the help of padlocks. (Sold separately)
  • These covers also prevent the local workers to throw garbage in these confined spaces.
  • For customized covers - kindly forward us the exact dimensions (separate information sheets should be requested from our office and sent duly filled). Also fill - the instructions to be mentioned on the covers in language / Bilingual.
  • Besides all the options mentioned above the reflective or photo luminescent strips can also be installed on these covers for extra safety depending on the locations - indoor / outdoor at an extra price. Minimum order of 5 no. customised size can be accepted.
  • These covers are also considered as signage and barrier protection combined-in-one.
  • Product price can vary depending on the size, material used, quantities ordered, sign specifications and style or other special features or specifications.
  • They are also produced in special strong polyester perforated clothes in red / blue or other colours - for more visibility - even the fluorescent yellow and orange colours are used.
Suitable for 32 - 39 inch

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