Top Rail Ball Valve Lockout Device for Large Size Ball Valve 2" - 8" (Max Handle length 10")

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  • Easy to use lockout, clamp over the valve lever - preventing the valve from being operated. Can lock the large sized valves in closed positions.
  • Two piece moulded lockouts can be installed on most of the large ball valves available internationally.
  • They are virtually indestructible. Inner slider is used for gripping the valve handle sleeves inside the cover.
  • Once locked, they prevent valve handle from being turned.
  • The strong polyurethane plastic make them resistant to cracking and abrasion.
  • They are resistant to extreme weather & temperature conditions.
  • Other Colours - Yellow, Green, Blue. * Minimum Quantity 200 Nos.
Material Polyurethane
Fits on Balll Valve Pipe Dia 2" - 8"
Max. Handle Length 10"

Top Rail Ball Valve Lockout Colours Available on Demand* (MOQ Applicable)

Top Rail Ball Valve Lockout Blue Colour - Lockout Tagout

Top Rail Ball Valve Lockout Red Colour - Lockout Tagout

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