Universal Butterfly Valve Lockout Combo - 2

Model : ES - UBFVL - COMBO 2 Inquire Now
  • Universal Butterfly Valve Lockout Combo - 2 includes one ES - SMCL with one ES - UBFVL.
  • Locks out valve in seconds by feeding the ES-SMCL cable lockout device through desired eyelet and around valve.
  • Both devices are made of durable, lightweight thermoplastic material that is chemical resistant and performs effectively in extreme environments.
  • ES-UBFVL Combo has an adjustable design that fits virtually all butterfly valves.
  • This lockout device jams the valve lever release trigger. (Place UBFVL between the valve lever and release trigger & hinge open until the two parts jack the valve lever and release trigger to a frizzed position).
  • Use a ES - SMCL + 2C (4 mm) cable lockout to secure the device in place by passing the cable around the valve body and through the matching hole of UBFVL. Place the padlocks on SMCL and secure the device.
  • This product is also known as butterfly valve handle jammer. Available in Red & Yellow colours.
  • The complete set is ES - UBFVL + SMCL + 2C - COMBO 2 which comprises of the lockout device with cable lockout.
Material Thermoplastic

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