Safety Lockout Box with 5 Keys - 12 Holes

Model : ES - SLB - 5K 12H Inquire Now
  • Safety lockout boxes are ideal for group lockout situations.
  • After the equipment to be worked on has been locked off, all lockout keys / fuses etc. are placed inside the lockout box and locked by the authorised person.
  • Each worker can apply his lock (inbuilt with cabinet) and retains its key, ensuring access cannot be gained to the keys / fuses etc. kept inside the box - until the work is completed.
  • Only when all locks are opened the lockout keys and fuses can be accessed.
  • 12 extra holes are availalbe on the station for placing any other padlock.
  • All the boxes have marking for individual locks (A, B, C,....), which can be customized as per customer’s requirement.
  • The keys black portion also have the same numbering / marking as given on the boxes.
  • Keys can be provided with individual identification key chains.
Height 9 inch
Width 6 inch
Depth 3.50 inch
Material Steel

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