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Our Multi Purpose Cones are made of PVC (using UV stabilizers) for extended life under all weather conditions. Their brilliant colours generate maximum visibility. They are maintenance-free and often used for temporary traffic control - to protect motorists, pedestrians and workers.

Steady Cone Base : Special design of the Black Rubber Base help cones to grip the road and keep them steady against the strong winds and fast moving traffic. They can also be nailed to the ground.

Features :

  • Special slot design helps in keeping barricading tapes intact in every situation. It is perfect for cordoning-off an area.
  • They can be connected with portable connecting bars. Ordinary bars can also be inserted in the holes, provided at two locations of every cones for making a barrier system.
  • Warning chains can also be connected with these cones for barricading.
  • Lamps / Signs can be installed on the cones by cutting their top slot.
  • They are also suitable for inserting flags from their top (by cutting the top slot).
  • Its multipurpose design saves money and make it a perfect and practically designed cone.

Multi Purpose Cone Manufacturer
Multi Purpose Cone Supplier
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