What is Important about LOTO Tags?

Lockout Tagout - What is Important about LOTO Tags

February 26, 2020

The continuous advancement of machines, equipments & the development of technologies has increased the complexities in handling the equipments. While manufacturers today are very focused on cutting costs and improving production efficiency, there’s no need to sacrifice employee safety. Whether you are a facility manager, a foreman or a machine operator and whether you work in a chemical plant, a pharmaceutical plant, a university, a government agency or any factory, you need to know about Lockout Tagout.

The need for Tags:
Lockout and Tagout go hand in hand, one cannot just lockout an equipment before performing maintenance and leave it without placing a Tag on it. The process of Lockout Tagout is incomplete without a Tag - which contains a clear warning and identifies the person who has applied it. An isolation without any information is also dangerous! Any person might remove the lock unknowingly.

Compliance tags help to meet OSHA requirements of Lockout Tagout. These tags feature OSHA headers with ‘Danger’ ‘Caution’ and ‘Warning’ options available. Accident prevention and maintenance tags also improve safety and monitor production status. Industrial tags are made of high performance, durable materials that can withstand harsh environments - both indoors and outdoors. They can be used for hazard warnings, valve identification, equipment instructions, accident prevention and more. They provide fast and easy identification for a variety of areas throughout the facility.

What OSHA says?
Understanding what a LOTO tag is, and what purpose it serves, is important for successfully implementing LOTO safety program in your facility. The OSHA Standard 1910.147 (c)(5)(ii) specifies certain requirements of lockout Tagout devices, i.e. The device must be durable, Standardized, Substantial and Identifiable.

In paragraph 1910.147(c)(5)(iii), OSHA requires that the major message printed on the tag “warn against hazardous condition of the equipment is re-energized. Five examples of acceptable warnings are provided, including Do Not Start. Do Not Open. Do Not Close. Do Not Energize. Do Not Operate. In all cases, employees must know and understand the meaning of the Tag.

In addition to the generic information letting people know that they should not remove the tag or restore the power to a machine, a LOTO tag should have information about why it is being used. This will typically include the name of the person attaching the tag, the date on which it was attached, and in many cases, details about the work that is being done.

Stay Compliant:
Every Organization must take proper steps to stay in compliance with the Lockout Tagout Standards, policies and procedures. The consequences of not being in compliance with safety regulations are drastic. A safe operation minimizes downtime, which offers the least possible interruption in business.

To create change in workplace culture, organizations need to have a long-term vision for machine and plant safety!

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