Lockout Tagout Leadership Video Episode 8 - Interview with Mr. Hitesh Lachhwani (Coca-Cola Company)

Creating a good safety culture requires a common vision and effort from everyone in an organisation. A leader necessarily is a great visionary and motivates people to give their best for accomplishing a common goal.

Mr. Hitesh Lachhwani, National EHS Head of Coca-Cola Company is one such visionary leader and a safety enthusiast, who is dedicated towards making the operations of Coca-Cola safe for its employees, partners, and community.

With wide experience of working with all top-notch international and national companies, Mr. Hitesh accentuates that safety is a prerequisite for a sustainable business. He strongly believes that “the maximum safety culture we will get, is the minimum that we are ready to accept in our system”.

During his interview with LOTO LEADER, Dr Nalini Gulati, Mr. Hitesh, emphasized that their safety-first culture strives them to achieve and maintain Zero Harm workplace.
- He believes developing, implementing and maintaining machine specific procedures, as an integral part of the Control of Hazardous Energy Programme and emphasizes that MSP is must for each machine, to ensure safe workplace.
- Mr. Hitesh has placed his trust in E-Square in helping Coca-Cola company to constantly improve the safety culture at work by reducing exposure to hazardous energies using systematic Lockout Tagout.

Do watch the 8th episode of the LOTO LEADERS Series to know how Coca-Cola has been successfully implementing their LOTO Program with the assistance of E-Square!

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