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May 16, 2020

All organizations dream of becoming great when they start. However, only a few are able to make their dreams come true. Reaching greater heights requires strength to walk some extra miles to achieve your goals. It requires confidence in the work that you do, a sense of security moving towards the right direction, and this confidence and belief comes when the top management promotes a culture of safety as its top priority.

The most important pre-requisite for any safety program is the safety culture that promotes the value of worker’s safety both in words and in actions. When a high-quality lockout tagout program is in place, the benefits are immediate and lasting. Benefits include increased employee morale, decreased downtime, decreased workplace accidents and decreased insurance rates.

At E-Square, we help you achieve your goals by assisting you in creating a safer workplace, framing a culture that supports safety and empowering the employees by protecting them from dangerous machines, equipment and process hazards. E-Square has been shaping the future of industrial safety by inventing and introducing the most required energy isolation lockout tagout devices; coupled with passion for developing, implementing and overseeing health and safety programs and procedures to minimize workplace incidents.

E-Square is ranked No. 1 LOTO solution provider all over India, and amongst the very best in the world.

Our main focus since last 18 years has been to develop innovative and software-based solutions for hazardous energy isolation and to help our customers in implementing lockout tagout effectively.

E-Square is on a mission to create 1000 LOTO success stories in 2020-21 of companies who have achieved zero accidents status in energy isolation. Our Director - Dr. Nallini Gulati believes in the basic human right of having a safe and healthful workplace, as work related injury, accidents and ill-health result in a great deal of pain and suffering for those affected. She explains the concept of lockout tagout with ease by describing it as the practice of shutting down and disconnecting power from machinery or equipment and placing locks and warning tags on energy isolating devices to prevent activation of the machine or equipment during maintenance or servicing.

It is due to the untiring efforts of Mr. & Mrs. Gulati that E-Square has now been awarded by the Industry Leadership Award 2020 - in the category of Lockout Tagout Energy Isolation Devices,for its magnificent contribution towards the upliftment of the society andnation building at large. They have been honored for their worthy role in the socio-economic progress of the region and its people. Our society needs such potent business leaders to make the world a better place to live in!

To stay Safe and Compliant and LOTO protective, make E-Square your STRENGTH for Lockout Tagout!

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