Industry Leadership Award 2020 to E-Square Alliance by Dainik Jagran Video

E-Square announces that it received the Industry Leadership Award 2020 in the category of Industrial safety devices at the 2020 Dainik Jagran Leadership Awards Gala on Jan 22 in New Delhi. The Industry Leadership Award (Industrial Safety) is designed to honour the companies and individuals that are moulding the future of industrial safety, worldwide. The award was received in recognition of exemplary work and magnificent contribution towards the upliftment of safety in society and nation-building at large. India’s biggest goal today is to achieve the 5 trillion-dollar economy mark by 2025, started by the honourable Prime Minister and the biggest contributors to this campaign are the industrialists. Company’s Director Dr. Nallini Gulati and MD Mr. Upendra Gulati have been honoured for their worthy role in the socio-economic progress of the region and its people.


The award marks a significant milestone in E-Square’s ongoing commitment to improving industrial safety and allows them to standout to customers and partners, demonstrating a commitment to excellence.

The Director of the company, Dr. Nallini Gulati says “Customer centricity is one of the key pillars in our culture, strategy and daily tasks. We believe, that only by delivering our customers the highest value, we can be a successful company.”

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