How to select the right LOTO Padlock

Lockout Tagout - How to select the right LOTO Padlock

January 8, 2019

Lockout Padlocks are a physical tool that helps to implement and maintain an effective Safety Lockout Program as per OSHA Policy & Procedures and Energy Control program, to prevent accidents and protect the employees.

OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.147 Section (c)(5)(ii)(D) of the standard requires that lockout or tagout devices identify the employee who applies them. To meet these requirements, Safety Lockout padlocks come in range of colours for easy-identification and differentiating the departments, padlock numbering/metal tagging, or engraving on shackle, Logo, department labels, photographs of employee codes etc.

Certain points need to be kept in mind while selecting the right LOTO Padlock:

1. Assess the Lockout points, where the Lockout padlocks are to be placed
The very first step to selection of right Lockout padlocks is the survey of the premises and assessment of the Lockout points where the padlocks are to be placed.

2. Electrical Isolation Padlocks- ought to be de-electric & Light-weighted
Different padlocks are required for different machines depending upon their specific requirements & environmental conditions. Electrical Isolation Padlocks are specifically designed for use in electrical lockouts and the lightweight body is ideal for locking out miniature circuit breakers and other electrical switches which may get damaged if heavy padlocks are used for isolation.
Make sure you select the de-electric padlocks for electrical lockouts.

3. Mechanical Isolation padlocks must be of metallic shackles- depending on the environmental conditions
Mechanical Valve isolation requires strong padlocks, which can bear harsh environment conditions. External factors like- Corrosive environment, Heat, dust, etc. might affect the isolation padlocks, if chosen wrongly. Therefore, it should be of weather resistant-metallic shackle.

4. Shackle Length has to be verified as per the isolation point
Consult a professional to know the correct shackle length which vary from one isolation point to another. It can be customized as per order.

5. OSHA says, follow 1-Lock, 1-Key, 1-Person concept so, opt for single key option only
Never share your Lockout key with your co-workers while performing servicing and maintenance. Even when you are performing group Lockout, make sure every worker has separate lock and key.

6. For multiple points locking by single person, keyed alike padlocks are suggested
All locks within a set can be opened with the same key. This option is a great time saving solution and beneficial when multiple locks are used by the same person so that only one key needs to be used.

7. Opting for Key-retaining padlocks is a better idea, as it assures that the key stays within the padlock, until it is locked
Key Retaining feature in a padlock makes sure that the product is in demand when asked for, and that the product needs to be accomplished according to the requirement of the organisation.

8. Padlocks can be ordered with company name & logo, padlock numbering, department name, colour coding etc.
Safety Lockout padlocks are available in range of colours for easy-identification and differentiating the departments. Padlock numbering/metal tagging, engaging shackle, Logo, department labels, photographs of employee codes etc. on the personalized locks are also available on request.

Right Lockout Padlocks are imperative for isolation safety. One needs to be aware and have clear-cut knowledge of what exactly they want. Choose the right LOTO Padlocks to stay safe & OSHA Compliant. Always take help of professionals who can help you know the LOTO Specific requirements of your machines.

Lockout your fear with the right Lockout Tagout Padlocks!

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