How to Select the Right Kind of LOTO Kit

How to Select the Right Lockout Tagout Kit

December 04, 2019

Large scale Industries and establishments majorly focuses on the procurement of Lockout Tagout Kits, as their only constraint. They think that just by obtaining LOTO Kits, they become OSHA Compliant. But, they are not precise of their requirements- What Kind of LOTO Kits they need? For what purpose they need those Kits? Is it Electrical kit or Mechanical kit? Is it for Contractors or for personal use?

One need to have a clear idea of what is required as per the specific needs of the machines they are working on. The requirements differ as per the different industries, different users and different work culture. It has been observed that serious incidences take place in the industries during servicing or maintenance, due to the release of Hazardous Energies - just because of inadequate Lockout equipments available at the sites - in the form of kits. So, it become management’s responsibility to be careful while selecting the right Lockout Kit for different areas, as it is imperative that the devices of these Lockout Kits, control /block the release of hazardous energies when needed the MOST!

1. Survey your premises & assess the right kind of isolation devices required for your machines.

Different applications need specific Lockout Devices for isolation. Survey of the premises should be the first step, as it specifies the hazardous points to be taken care of. Then assess the right kind of Lockout Devices & customize them as per the equipments’ mechanism, structure and method of application. This is most important for successful Lockout Tagout.

2. Select appropriate Lockout Box / Bag or Station for keeping the selected devices safely.

On the basis of the quantity, select the appropriate box, bags or LOTO stations so that all the devices can be found in one place, can be accommodated in the specific area and are accessed easily as and when required. Also, be particular that these Lockout boxes/Bags/stations are placed at the right locations.

3. Assess the number and type of padlocks as per isolation requirement.

Before placing the order for the kits, check the number of padlocks and the type of padlock required for your machines. Lockout padlocks, Tags and Kits can be customized with company Name, Logo, numbering, etc. Similarly, they can also be personalized, depending upon the specific requirements of the industries and machines.

4. Electrical and Mechanical Kits can be ordered separately.

Since there are different electrical and mechanical departments in an organisation, different electrical & mechanical kits can be ordered for each department, keeping their colour coding also different, for clear identification.
Electrical & Mechanical Shadow Boards can also be ordered and placed at the strategic locations.

5. User Manual should be a part of the Kit, depicting the application of all the Lockout devices.

For any Lockout Kit- A user manual is a must! It should be in the language of the user. This User manual must specify every little information that might be essential for the user before implementing Lockout Tagout. It must clearly depict the pictures & applications of all Lockout devices, so that the user does not get confused.

6. Personal Kit & Contractor Kit must be bought separately depending on their work involvement.

There are various types of contractors or third party workers working on the site. Before any kind of maintenance, it is imperative that they isolate the hazardous energies, using their own Lockout kit. So separate LOTO kits must be bought for contractors.
Always make sure that you never ever opt for generalized LOTO Kits.

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