Electrical Panel Lockout - Square Box - Big 45 Degree

Model : ES - SQ B - 45E Inquire Now
  • Designed to lockout electrical panel buttons and switches with no inbuilt lockout provisions.
  • Work in a 2-stage operation. The base plate should be attached directly onto the electrical panel over the top of the relevant switch using the super strong adhesive Backing / Riveting / Bolting.
  • When in place, the electrical plugs / switches / buttons can be isolated by placing the house unit over the top of base plate - hence preventing the access to the isolated switch. Then, they can be locked in place with a Lockout Padlock.
  • Square units are specially designed for the switches with levers.
  • Can be cut from any side / direction to suit the installation on different panels with varied wiring / attachments to the switches / conduits, levers protruding out or of different shapes.
  • Manufactured from sturdy special grade transparent material, each unit has been developed to completely enclose electrical plugs to prevent machines from being energized. The plug completely sits inside the unit.
  • If more than one unit on a single panel needs to be locked out - we recommend the use of our De Electric Squeezer lockout (ES - SMCL - YB) with the yellow cable being fed through the access holes of these electrical lockouts and locked at one location by multiple users.
Inside Size - L x B (A) in mm 66 x 74
Base Size - L x B (B) in mm 95 x 95
Cover Size - L x B x H (C) in mm 85 x 85 x 62
No. of Padlock Holes 2

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