Coronavirus: It is you to decide… Lockdown or Knockdown!

Coronavirus: You Decide.. Lockdown or Knockdown - E-Square Blog

April 09, 2020

“The future is the environment where society will live tomorrow, but the future in itself does not exist, it is only a forecast, the future is built every day according to the decision-making process, implementing the strategy identified."

In the present complex pandemic situation, there are four major factors running towards the crisis: health, economic, social and political. Health for now, being subject to major concern. From unstable health to increasing number of deaths, this pandemic coronavirus has become a threat for all of us. Necessary social restrictions are identified as the first safety protocol for the activities essential for the productive world, in order to mitigate the risk associated with the high number of infected people, thus called for a total Lockdown by the government.

The consequence of this decision has already shown the first positive, although not definite effect. To fight this hazard, social distancing and isolation is the only solution. One needs to understand the criticality of the current circumstances, where lives are at stake. For the sake of our real heroes working day and night to protect us and keep us safe, it becomes the duty of every individual to stay back home safe!

We should thank our front line fighters - Doctors, nurses, police, CISF, cleaners, and other helpers for their daunting and tireless jobs. This group is the most vulnerable to coronavirus and despite the fear, the most bravest too. At times they are working more than 16 hours at a stretch, and without complaining.

They too have families back home, they too have their own life, they too have the right to live a safe and risk free life. What is our duty towards them? What do they expect from us in return? What can we as people do to contribute to the society right now?

Nothing much! The least that we can do for now, is stay homes and pray. Take care of personal hygiene and stay away from every rumors related to coronavirus.

Behind every initiative, there has to be a positive thought, an energy that brings everyone together, just like the initiative taken by our prime minister , lighting diyas and candles as a ray of light and hope. A hope that we will fight against this pandemic, a hope that we will all be back to work, safe!

E-Square has always taken the initiative to make sure every individual, every worker and every organization at large, stays safe. And for this, we have always asked every company to implement proper lockout Tagout while servicing or maintenance task is done. Just like today’s critical question - Lockdown or Knockdown?

E-Square has been focusing on the importance of Lockout, questioning industries whether they practice Lockout or not? E-Square has always warned firms and workers by asking one straightforward question - It is you to decide Lockout or Knockout?

Remember, we are always there to help you, but for that you need to first help yourself. You need to understand that your workplaces and shop floor workers should stay in safe hands. E-Square assures you this safety; only if you understand the importance of Lockout Tagout by implementing it systematically at your workplaces, rather than having it just as a compliance formality!

We wish that all our customers, support system, employees, partners, stakeholders and every individual in the world stay healthy and safe!

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