6 Facts about Lockout Tagout

November 06, 2019

Servicing & Maintenance is every day’s job in the work places, so is the use of Lockout Tagout for ensuring employees safety. Though Lockout Tagout standard is expected to prevent fatalities and injuries, yet accidents associated with the release of hazardous energies continue to occur. Accidents are preventable if Lockout Tagout is taken seriously. For the proper implementation of Lockout Tagout, certain facts need to be kept in mind.
These Lockout Tagout facts are essentials for the effective Lockout Tagout implementation.

1. Lockout Tagout is one of the Top most OSHA Violation

In 2019, Lockout Tagout violations ranked No. 1 most cited regulation in the manufacturing industry and No. 5 most cited regulation for all industries in the OSHA top ten violation list. Despite the alarming number of machine related accidents and OSHA’s enforcement efforts, Lockout Tagout is still viewed by many as burdensome and production-slowing process. Companies that fail to recognize and control machine hazards face regulatory fines, and risk the occurrence of a serious and costly machine related accidents.

2. Lockout Tagout protects everyone in the facility- It saves lives

Injuries associated with Lockout Tagout are often serious or fatal. The risks related to non-adherence of lockout Tagout are too high. Therefore, it is always important to make sure that we apply Lockout before performing servicing and maintenance. It saves lives, gives a sense of security, boosts morale and makes sure that every employee reaches home safely.

3. LOTO avoids unexpected startup or release of stored energy

When dangerous machines are not properly shut off, they can start up accidently before maintenance or servicing work is completed. The unexpected startup or release of stored energy can result in serious worker injury or fatality. By disconnecting the main energy sources, we may remove much of the potential danger, but it is possible that there are stored energies present.
Always make sure that the equipment remains in de-energized state during maintenance.

4. LOTO reduces cost, boost morale and increases productivity

There’s an extreme cost of which most companies are not aware when neglecting to be compliant with lockout tagout. That cost is lawsuits, the falling brand image, the settlement formalities, Downtime & damage to property, cost of insurance, etc. They are far more costly and have the chance to be a true destruction to even large businesses.
Instead, following LOTO religiously, gives a sense of security, boosts the morale and builds trust of workers, increases productivity and also empowers workers as they work with confidence.

5. Periodic Trainings help employees in safe isolation

Training is a key mechanism for communicating to employees of what is expected of them. Proper training of the usage of lockout tagout devices energy control procedures and an understanding of the reasons for the energy control program are crucial to their implementation by the employees.
Training on Lockout Tagout is needed to ensure the continued proficiency of employees in following safe work practices and the proper isolation of hazardous energies. For a successful Lockout Tagout program to be implemented, it is essential that the employees acquire and retain the necessary knowledge and skills required.

6. Reviews & Audits are must for successful LOTO implementation.

Besides meeting the OSHA requirements, annual audits help companies insure that, they have the up-to-date and accurate procedures that allow employees of the companies to safely de-energize equipment using the appropriate steps of disconnects. To ensure that energy control measures are adequate and being properly and consistently applied, a Lockout Tagout program must be reviewed periodically and revised.

Remember, Our Safety is in our own hand. One needs to follow Lockout Tagout efficiently, and as per OSHA Standard, 1910.147.

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